Computer and Laptop Upgrade
Computer Upgrades, Software and Data Migration

Do you have an old work PC that is running slow? or you have an old PC with Windows 7, 8 Operating system?
Chances are your old pC or laptop has all the files, program, license attached to it and dont want loose. This is frustrating especially when you have purchased a license and forget where are they?
We can help you with that....

Slow Computer is frustrating especially when you are doing a project or office work. Chances are your Hard Disk needs replacement or your system needs an upgrade. Here in TopITSolutions we can upgrade your HDD to SSD without loosing any data.

1. First we are going to clone your old HHD so all files should be intact
2. Secondly, we will restore your old drive to the new SSD
3. If possible we will upgrade your old OS (e.g Windows 7 or Windows 8) to Windows 10
4. Test and make sure PC or laptop is working just like it was before